Best Wines for Each Meal


Best Wines for Each Meal

Best Wines for Each Meal.

Since ancient times, wine has played an important role in almost all civilizations. Full of symbology and flavor, this almost divine drink has left its mark all over the world.

One of the favorite drinks of the Portuguese, wine has deep roots, especially in the few who are still dedicated to the cultivation of vines, the harvesting of grapes, and the production of the noble wine.

Today we will talk to you about the most suitable types of wine for each meal. There are several types of wine, red, white, rosé, sparkling, port, among other variations. It is essential to know which wine is best for each meal.

Red wines with an intense flavor go well with red meat dishes with a little more fat, with sausage dishes, with savory dishes, or dishes with sauces or acids as they help to balance the flavor. For this type of dish, we recommend one of our red reserve or selected harvest wines.

Sparkling wines are in complete harmony with appetizers as they help whet your appetite.

White wines, in turn, combine perfectly with fish with a higher level of fat, such as salmon and sardines. For these dishes, we recommend our white wine from a selected vintage.


LA Ferraz

Wine production is a tradition of the centenary Ferraz family.

In total, the family owns approximately 20 hectares of vineyards, of which 5 hectares in the parish of Horta do Douro, municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, in Douro Superior, and other vineyards in Valeflor, a centenary parish in the municipality of Mêda, in Beira Interior region.


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