LA Ferraz Was Present at the Bebes.Comes's 6th Anniversary


LA Ferraz Was Present at the Bebes.Comes's 6th Anniversary

LA Ferraz was present at the Bebes.Comes's 6th anniversary on January 12th, at Cais à Porta, in Aveiro, with lots of entertainment, music and in the company of great wines.

Bebes.Comes is a blog where Joana and Pedro share their passion for gastronomy, wine and travel. They decided 8 years ago to share their experiences with people with the same passion and praise collective or individual projects.

LA Ferraz was flattered with the invitation to participate in its anniversary, alongside other prestigious producers. Surrounded by wine lovers, the moment was incredibly pleasant and full of good tasting.

Producers such as Joaquim Arnaud, José Maria da Fonseca, Duckman, Casa Américo, Muxagat, Quinta Várzea da Pedra, Covela and Quinta de Santiago, represented their region and proved how much Portugal has of fantastic wines.

The region of Beira Interior was very well represented by our Souvall Beira Interior Selected Harvest White Wine 2017.

It was a pleasure to participate in this Bebes.Comes walk! We hope to accompany them for many more years and be part of fantastic projects like this.


LA Ferraz

Wine production is a tradition of the centenary Ferraz family.

In total, the family owns approximately 20 hectares of vineyards, of which 5 hectares in the parish of Horta do Douro, municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, in Douro Superior, and other vineyards in Valeflor, a centenary parish in the municipality of Mêda, in Beira Interior region.


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