Wine Making Process - Transportation


Wine Making Process - Transportation

Wine Making Process - Transportation

Racking consists of transporting the liquid from one container to another, which in this case is the transition of the wine from one place to another.

After the fermentation phase is concluded, normally and depending on the type of wine being produced, solid residues and organic matter are left at the bottom of the barrel or tank.

In this way, to avoid ruining the flavour and aroma of the final product, it is transferred to another container that is properly sanitised.




LA Ferraz

Wine production is a tradition of the centenary Ferraz family.

In total, the family owns approximately 20 hectares of vineyards, of which 5 hectares in the parish of Horta do Douro, municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, in Douro Superior, and other vineyards in Valeflor, a centenary parish in the municipality of Mêda, in Beira Interior region.


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