Wine Making Process - Wine Maturation


Wine Making Process - Wine Maturation

The final stage in the wine production process is the ripening phase.
The wine's maturation process is one of the most important stages in determining its quality, as it is here that the wine's flavour and aroma work, achieving greater intensity and balance.

This phase takes place after removing the wine from the tank where the clarification process took place.
The wine is placed in a stainless steel tank or in oak barrels, and there the maturation process begins.
Both stainless steel tanks and oak barrels have different characteristics and, therefore, depending on the aroma one wishes to give to the wine, the best place to mature it is studied.

Stainless steel tanks limit the wine's exposure to oxygen, thus helping to keep the drink fresher. To add body, aroma and flavour to the wine, producers usually add wood chips to the tank over a period of time.
On the contrary, oak barrels allow for greater oxygenation of the drink. In this case, the barrel itself will offer the wine a specific flavour of the wood, which may have the most varied aromas. In oak barrels, the colour of the wine becomes more intense, softening the young, hard tannins. At the same time, the slow evaporation concentrates the wine, making it more robust.

The maturation phase of wines can take two or more years, depending on the type of wine and the aroma it is intended to have.
To enjoy a good matured wine, just indulge in it and let it show you how much it has learned from its maturation experience.

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